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With the wide spectrum of educational opportunities, lots of Nepalese students chose to study abroad. Not only that, the universities that they apply through us offer recognized World Class Institutional Academics. This factor helps to mold students into future leaders of the industry they wish to pursue their careers. Students immersing themselves in a new place and new cultures and an openness to different ideas and opportunities will be the foothold of many reasons to studying aboard.

Study in Australia

Australia is the world’s third most popular destination when it comes to being the choice for international students to migrate to for higher education. The universities offer world recognized degrees that can easily be used to seek career opportunities from all over the world. In Nepal, it is a popular destination for students who wish to further their studies. It is also because of the fact that it has boundless of opportunities as well when students finish their studies such as pursuing a career.

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Study in Japan

While you study in Japan, you can immerse yourself in the diverse blending of Japanese oriental traditions and modern society. Although Japanese is the official language that is commonly spoken, the Japanese people also do communicate in English. Hence, international students will have to learn Japanese in language institute to be able to enroll in a university/college. You will then be able to further your studies in the areas of science, technology, finance, or any industrial skill you wish to acquire.

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Blue Mountain has been counseling, preparing and helping students realize their goals of abroad studies in International Universities/Colleges. Being affiliated with top universities and colleges overseas, students are able to apply for the best possible educational opportunities.

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What our Clients say about us!

The instructors at Blue Mountain Education Consultancy has helped me to attain good IELTS grades which has helped me to apply to my desired University. I can only hope to achieve greater things with my studies abroad and that I will pass out with the degree of world class education.

Elina Singh Thakuri

I was recommended by my friends as I really wanted to get my Master’s in IT from a good and worldwide recognized University. I was glad to know that they were affiliated with renowned universities abroad as it helped me to narrow down to my choice of University easily.

Bikash Dahal

They have helped me immensely with their guided process from planning the course of further studies to studying for IELTS, University application to my student VISA application. I cannot interpret why choosing the consultancy is the key to a successful student visa.

Sanjay Awal

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